What types of drivers does Nate’s Audio use in its designs?

At the moment we use SB Acoustics drivers as they proved they’re value in helping us win the 2008 Loudspeaker Design Challenge (Audio Society of MN) and have further impressed us with the true capacity of a 5” to deliver far more music than we’ve heard of any other driver to date. We won’t rule out other driver manufactures, nor is even developing our own if the design warrants the investment.

What type of speaker placement do you recommend?

While there are several factors involved with creating a precise and stable image the one that works best is starting with the speakers pointing directly forward and the listener positioned in an equilateral triangle. Then, depending on how far the room boundaries are (3-4’ recommended for 1st reflection off from side walls) toe in ever so slightly until you hear a precise image. Unless otherwise stated we do not design for direct on axis listening and wouldn’t necessarily recommend pointing the speakers directly at the sweat spot.