What wire should I use?

As I’ve heard my mentor say many a time: “Any old rope will do” wait a minute before you stop reading because you love expensive cables or silver or braids … at the RMAF 08’ in Denver on the last day of the event a vendor of fine cables stopped by and pleaded with Frank to give their cables a listen because they were sure he’d be impressed.  Never wanting to deny a good cable test we fashioned a double blind right then and there. I would stay in the room and connect, or not, the cables while everyone waited outside the room, once some time had passed I let everyone back in the room and we played the same cut and this we did three times with the same power settings only changing, or not, the cables from the very fancy pair to the old-ropes.  On the third and final listen Frank mentioned that I must change the cables – whichever was in the system would have to be swapped … the results:

Test #1 – old ropes (emp 1, emp2, emp3, roomy1)
Test #2 – old ropes (emp4, listner1, listner2, roomy2)
Test #3 – shiny new ones (roomy3, Frank)

Suffice it to say the test showed me that he was right, any old rope will do…the only thing was Frank choose their cables and he graciously told them they could print that. My advice, don’t let your love a marketing campaign dictate what your ears are telling you … if a particular cable sounds better to you, then use it.

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