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Nate’s Audio 30 Day Guarantee
We stand behind our products and offer a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee on your purchase from Nate’s Audio. At any time within the first 30-day’s (starting from when you receive the item) you are dissatisfied with your purchase simply email sales@natesaudio.com for an official return authorization form. Once you have the RMA Form, re-package the merchandise in “as-new” condition and in its original shipment packaging along with a copy of your sales receipt/invoice and RMA form for a full refund of your purchase price. Please be sure to read and understand our additional Terms & Conditions below.

Official Nate’s Audio Return Policy
Unless specified elsewhere (example: Scratch & Dent or like-new products), all Nate’s Audio purchases come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee so you may fully evaluate your purchase. We will certainly make every reasonable attempt to ensure your satisfaction; however, we do maintain a few “Terms & Conditions”.

Terms & Conditions
Products MUST be returned to us within 30 days of the date you receive the product. Please be sure to fully evaluate your purchase within the first 30-days. You must contact us within the first 30-days if you are thinking of initiating a return.

Returned products MUST be “As-New”.
This simply means that the product must be returned in its pristine original form, with the original box, with all original packaging materials, owners’ manuals, peripherals and any ancillaries that came as packaged to you the original purchaser. Any product that has been contaminated with smoke cannot be returned as-new as it is not as it was originally manufactured and is like-new, not as-new.

If a product is returned within the 30-day period, but NOT “as-new”* condition, we WILL absolutely charge you a minimum of 15% restocking fee plus any labor and materials required to return the item to as-new condition.

Sorry, no returns after 30 Days!
Understandably, our satisfaction guarantee does not include items sent to us without and official RMA issued by us and any item received outside these terms will be returned to the shipper at your expense and without refund. Any product that has been damaged by the customer and the repairs are larger then the wholesale value of the product will be returned to the customer without refund and at their expense, regardless of when it was returned.

   Nate’s Audio Product Warranty...

In addition to our satisfaction guarantee, our products carry a limited 1-yr warranty. If you are having problems email support@natesaudio.com for initial trouble-shooting to diagnose and try to resolve the problem. If the item in question does require repair, we can quickly authorize a return.

Our warranty is transferable to one person within the warranty period from the original purchaser to one subsequent owner. The second owner must furnish a written sales receipt signed by the original owner to certify the transfer of warranty.

All servicing is required to be performed by authorized Nate’s Audio factory technician. Any tampering outside our factory or by non-authorized personnel will void the warranty regardless if the unit is in or out of satisfaction or warranty period. If the unit is under warranty and has not been tampered with, there will be zero parts and labor costs to you, shipping to you will be our sole responsibility while you retain 100% responsibility to ship the product to us with appropriate insurance as we will not be held liable for any damages occurring during shipping back to our factory.